4 Outstanding Bet Options For International Club Friendlies

Club friendlies can be a good hunting ground for punters if well analysed

The new European season is in a month’s time. The clubs have begun playing club friendlies in preparation for the new season.

It can be really tricky betting on these matches due to a lack of competitiveness. The younger players see these games as a way to put themselves in the reckoning while the more established ones simply see them as a way to get in shape. They probably do not give up to a 100% like they would when the season begins.

Playing safe may not guarantee much in terms of cashing out for punter and then, the odds are lower. Over 1.5 goals, straight wins and goal/goal are particularly dicey options.

Here are four bet options for pre-season friendlies:

First Half, Highest Scoring Half

Most coaches look to field a stronger side at the start of the half to create a competitive atmosphere.

However, due to the frequency of the matches and the need to test new players, the big boys are rested in the second half. In essence, the first halves of these matches tend to produce more goals.

Manchester United look sure to guarantee a high scoring firs

The fact that teams can make unlimited substitutions, especially in the second half waters the quality of the games.

Betting on the first half to be the highest-scoring half is a great option for punters interested in international club friendlies.

Double Chance

This is a very safe and popular option with smart punters. It can deliver great returns for punters.

A decent analysis of the quality of both teams could point one to the team that is unlikely to lose.

Liverpool is unlikely to lose during these friendlies

Premier League clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool are unlikely to suffer losses when they take on teams with a reduced quality.

Liverpool has played two club friendlies so far and lost none. Staking on top teams to not lose is a very safe option at this time.

Home/Away Team To Score First

This option looks sure to deliver great returns for punters interested in international club friendlies.

When big teams play against weaker oppositions, they are likely to open the scoring. This is largely due to coaches fielding a competitive line-up in the first half.

The opponents also do not come in with the mind of causing an upset. Hence, they are likelier to concede the opening goal before attempting to stage a comeback.

This option is particularly risky. However, with risky bets come brilliant rewards.

Minimum Goals Under 4.5

This is not a popular bet option, yet it promises outstanding returns for punters. Minimum goals under 4.5 means that a goal must not be scored in the first or last five minutes of the match. The goals must also not be scored within a five-minute interval.

Usually, teams tend to feel themselves at the start of the game and by full-time, the teams just ease themselves through.

This option is a must-have for punters looking to cash out big during international club friendlies.