It has been a tumultuous last few days for football with the decision of 12 European clubs to break away from UEFA and form a European Super League (ESL).

As I write this, all six Premier League clubs have put out statements confirming plans are underway to pull out of the plan.

Governments have decried it.

UEFA and FIFA have issued threats.

Football administrators have been critical.

Journalists have moaned, and many fans have almost lost it.

But these last few days have really shown how hypocritical all of us have been.

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UEFA is not as active and decisive in the fight to end racism in football like it did against proposed Super League

First, let me start with Europe’s football governing body, UEFA.

First, let me start with Europe’s football governing body, UEFA.

President Aleksander Ceferin was visibly angry when he practically referred to some of the club presidents responsible for the ESL as “snakes.”

To think that one of the presidents he is referring to, Juventus’ Gianni Agnelli, is his daughter’s godfather, tells you how enraged he is.

He went further: “this idea is a spit in the face of all football lovers. (it is a) cynical plan completely against what football should be.”


The unanimous opposition from most quarters shows the proposed Super League plan does have defects. One of which is the guaranteed place for the founding members.

But just as many have kicked against the plan, they have also been calling for the governing bodies to do something about racism.

Do you think we will still be here if UEFA, and to a large extent FIFA, have been this swift about racism as they have been against the Super League?

The answer is NO!

And where was UEFA when clubs in Europe were pumping in billions and changing the face of football?


FIFA President, Gianni Infantino made a Super League proposal to Africa’s football governing body, CAF

From Chelsea to Man City, PSG to Monaco, we’ve all witnessed football change before our eyes and the weak attempt by UEFA to curtail it through Financial Fair Play.

In recent years, Man City, Chelsea, and PSG have broken rules and got away with slaps on the wrist.

Why was there no swift attempt by football’s governing bodies to act the same way they’ve acted in opposition to the ESL?

And talking about FIFA.

Isn’t the world’s football governing body at the forefront of planning a Super League for African teams? What is different from the proposed European Super League and what CAF in conjunction with FIFA is planning here?


Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have been vocal voices against ESL since the news broke on Sunday.

Football pundits and media houses rallying around the support against Super League

Also, notice how Sky Sport has waged a subtle war using everything in their arsenal against the proposed ESL?

Could it be this is because their Premier League and Champions League broadcast rights are in danger with the proposed ESL?

The British broadcaster who has subtly been at the forefront of the “war” against the ESL because of fans is the same one that also tried to raise prices of subscriptions in the middle of a pandemic right?

Did they care about fans at the time?

Neville has been quite vocal talking about how smaller teams will be hit if this ESL is allowed to go through.

Can someone remind Gary that he was part of a Manchester United team that dominated the Premier League for almost 20 years by bullying smaller teams by buying off their prized assets?

Eric Cantona?

Andrew Cole?

Dwight Yorke?

Rio Ferdinand?

Wayne Rooney?

Did he care about Leeds, Everton, Newcastle, Aston Villa then?

Chelsea fans took to the streets at Stamford Bridge to register their opposition to the proposed ESL – a move that saw owner Roman Abrahmovic set in motion plans to withdraw from the ESL.

Great move but ironic, isn’t it?

Same Chelsea fans who have had no problem with the billions pumped into the club by their Russian owner.

Billions that have brought in the best players from all over the world; Premier League titles, FA Cups, and European cups.

But all of a sudden, they have saved football?

Please give me a break!


Chelsea Fans protesting against European Super League

Isn’t it also hypocritical for other fans who have pressured their clubs to spend more and buy the best players are the same ones voicing their reservations against the proposed plan by the same clubs to make more money?

PSG player, Ander Herrera was one of the first players to speak out against the ESL.

“If the European Super League advances,” he says, “the illusions of fans of the teams that are not giants of being able to win on the field will end.”


That is so rich coming from a player who plays for a club that has dominated French football and won almost all available titles making it difficult for fans of smaller teams to dream of winning on the field all because the same club he plays for is backed by state-sponsored petrol dollars.


UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson called the European Super League a cartel

The UK government’s swift reaction and Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s pledge to “take whatever action necessary to put a stop to these plans,” is quite ironic, isn’t it?

Where was this pledge when a billionaire with alleged ties to Russian mobs turned Chelsea around?

Where was this rage when leaders of governments with alleged terrible human rights records changed Manchester City from middle table to Premier League superstars?

And let’s really talk about the proponents of the ESL and their arguments for coming up with their greedy scheme to make money.

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez claims the ESL is a plan “to save football at this critical moment.”

He also adds that top teams were losing money and the proposed plan will help increase revenue.

Easy to see his point.

But let’s take a step back to about 21 years ago.

It’s the same Perez who changed the face of Madrid by creating the Galacticos buying the very best players the world had to offer at the time and paying astronomical wages.

Perez’ blueprint is what the owners of Chelsea, City, and PSG used as a template to get us where we are now.

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